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14 Days of I Love You: Valentine's 2020

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for checking out our family blog! If you are an active follower, you may have noticed that I missed posting this week’s “Working Wednesdays” craft blog about how to make paper roses, but we have had a lot of extra activities this week and I just could not get it all done! I do very much apologize! This craft is a significant part of the six Five Four Creations story, and I am really excited to share it! I will get it up for you all in next week’s edition of the Working Wednesday craft blog!

If you follow the Six Five Four Creations Facebook page, you may have noticed that we have been doing Valentine's promotion called the 14 days of Love (and if you do not, you might should check it out!). We were inspired to create this promotion because of our family tradition. In our family, we celebrate Valentine's day with the “14 days of I love you,” which is were for the first 14 days of February (leading to Valentine’s Day), I give small gifts to the girls showing that I love them! On the 14th day (actual Valentine’s Day) there, Daddy gives them a “big” gift! Each day usually has a “punny” sayings to go along with the gift because I like puns, and I love getting to be silly with my older girls still through this tradition! (I do want to add in the past, I have included Steven on the 14 days, but other than baseball cards, there is nothing he really wants to collect or gets excited about, so I focus on the girls! We find ways to show we love each other every day, so we do not put a lot of pressure on celebrating Valentine's Day as a couple!) Let’s jump in!

Day One: I love you “beary” much!

Each girl got a small teddy bear with a heart.

Day two: You knock my “socks” off!

Each girl got a pair of holiday socks.

(Sister had hers on before I remembered to take a picture!?)

Day three: We are a “batch” made in Heaven.

Lou and I made chocolate chip cookies for the girls to have for a snack. You can check out how we made these cookies in the last Working Wednesday: Lou makes edition (link below):

Day four: “Y’all are out of this world!”

We gave them a box of Galactic Gushers… this gift was kind of a fail because we had never tried them, and no one really liked them (I did eat a fair share of them though!?) But we did get to try them, so there is the gift of a new experience…. Maybe that counts!?

Day five: I am a “sucker” for you!

Each of the girls got a heart-shaped Lollipop!

These are pretty exciting to the girls, especially the older three since their was a time when I did not allow them to eat hard candy, in particular suckers/ lollipops. Yes they cause cavities BUT the "rule" came more from the fact that they would not finish them and would stick them places like the carpet, the car seats and somewhere their sisters could get it stuck in their hair instead of throwing them away so we just did not have them in our house for about 5 years (they were like all under the age of 5 when the rule was put into place and lasted until Sissy was like 10 years old)!

Day six: Love is in the” Air!”

They each got a small balloon. Lou was a little bumped they were not the "big balloon that fly" but she still had fun bopping everyone with this one so it counts as a success too!

Day seven and eight: after they got picked up from school, they went straight to their grandparent's house to spend the night and then it snowed, so by the time they got home the next day I kid of just gave them both gifts without puns, or pictures, etc. BUT for one of the days, they each got hair accessories and for the second day, they got either nail polish or eye shadows.

Day nine: They each got a pack of M&M’s because they are Marvelous and Magical!

These were pretty helpful convincing Lou that she needed to come in and warm up from playing in the last bit of snow with her sisters!

Day ten: I am "fortunate" to call you mine!

They each got two foam fortune cookies with cute little sayings inside.

I also splurged and got some face stuff that the older girls was needing or wanting to try.

Day eleven: We “stick” together!

They each got a book of scented stickers.

Lou used all 75 of her stickers in less than 30 minutes!

Day twelve: My favorite “nerds”!

Everyone got two fun-sized boxes of nerds.

Day thirteen: I gave them chocolate roses that La has been requesting.

Day “fourteen”: Valentine's Day!!!!

Steve was off Thursday and has to work today (Friday/ Valentine's Day), so he celebrated Valentine’s Day early with them! He gave the girls their gifts from him that night and even baked them another batch of chocolate chip cookies (that were not even burnt a little!?)

He went to toddler time to jump with Lou.

He cooked me my favorite meal: a medium-rare steak and garlic broccoli.

*I gave Steve a couple of packets of baseball cards, which he loves so,

this was the perfect gift for his Valentine’s Day gift from me!

Lou got a Forky craft kit (that Daddy put together with her!!!!)

As well as a frozen “squishy” coloring kit. (that is how she insisted on posing for that picture!?!)

Lee got another sketch pad since she has almost filled the one from Christmas completely. She also got a pack of watercolor markers that she has been dying to try. He had a "movie night" with her where they watched a few episodes of her favorite amine together Friday night.

La got a calendar /schedule pack and a pack of fabric markers they have wanted to try out as well.

She went to play mini-golf with a group of friends after school.

Sissy got a pinta for her room and a scientific calculator (which she has actually needed for a while for algebra class…oops!?!) I took her to the mall with a friend where we had dinner at the food court and hung out at the mall for a while!

I also want to add that sisters friend gave me the sweetest handmade Valentine's Card!

It was sweet (and the only card I got this year!)

Saturday we met Nana at Pizza Hut for a Valentine's Lunch (her treat to us!) Lou inspired Nana to choice Pizza Hut because when she saw Pizza Hut the other day she announced " I knew it wasn't just a commercial!" My cousin and her granddaughter who is Lou's age joined us! It was such a fun I am so thankful to have such a great Nana!

We had one last surprise up our sleeve, on Sunday we took the girls and a friend to Skate Country (Lee met friends from school there )! With Lou being a new skater Steve and I did not skate this time, but I think the girls had a really good time!

Overall I think that Valentine's Day 2020 was a complete success! I got the chance to show the girls a few little ways I love them, as well as spend some amazing family time with the people I love the most! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog! I am so blessed to get to share my life with you all!

If you would like to get to know us more, you can like our Facebook page (, or follow us on Instagram @sixfivefourcreations)!

As Always, thanks for taking the time to be a part of our Crazy! Until next time….

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