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A six-year-olds heart...

Lou and I were riding in the car last night on the way home from the band concert. A commercial comes on the radio for Jingle Ball (a pop concert with many pop artists). Out of nowhere, Lou announces, "Momma, we are going to go to that concert next year! We are going to sell so much jewelry that we can all go!" And of course, I just responded, "that would be so awesome!" She even went on to say, "next year, when we do booths, we will get a better spot so that more people see the jewelry." She listed a few other ideas on how the booths could have gone better, but that was the main one.

When we got home, and she was all curled up in her bed, all I could do was think about how proud I was of her. She loves Six Five Four Creations with every ounce of her six-year-old heart! She has such faith in its potential. All my girls are so proud of this business they are building, even when it's slow to grow or not even breaking even. They take each challenge head-on and try to think of what we can do better. They give every second of their spare time, which isn't always a lot of time with their school, job, and extracurricular activities.

We are so thankful for all the 654 Family on this rollercoaster journey with us! And next year, when we all go to that concert or open our physical business or any other shenanigans we decide to jump into, we are glad you will be there with us!

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