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Back on my Feet

Earlier this year, I hit a bad depression spell! The worst I have had in years. I have lived with depression for a really long time, but it was fairly predictable. I knew the times of year that was harder for me and triggers to avoid so I could stay ahead of it… until I couldn’t! The last few years have been HARD!! I could write a small book series telling you about all the friendships that I have lost, deaths of loved one, financial and health setback and the loss of 3 pets in a short time… all things out of our control that really left me extremely burned out! Being burned out on top a of depression, I was a all time low!

I literally had to stop and cut my life down to the “bare minimums,” which included all SixFiveFour Creations work. I’ve spent the last 2 month allowing myself to rest and recover. I am happy to say I am doing so much better. It still doesn’t come naturally for me to put my needs first. There has been set back here and there, but I am definitely working through things and moving in the right direction. I am slowly getting caught up on work. (A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been extremely patiently waiting on jewelry or pictures from me! I’m so so so grateful!) I am so excited to be starting new projects soon and getting everything back on track! Hopefully, by June, everything will be back in FULL Force!Better than before!

Allow me to express my most heartfelt appreciation for your patience, love, and support for our family and business during this time. I’ll be going into more detail as well as letting everyone know about a lot of BIG things in my family’s future very soon!

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