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Burnt Grill Cheese Sandwich

Happy Monday Morning! I know I haven’t posted a blog in a little while. I was working on a catch-up blog yesterday for this week, but I wanted to share my “Mommy emotional roller coaster morning” with y’all for any other Momma’s feeling it this Monday morning!

This Monday started off just like you think a Monday would feel: stressed, rushed, a to-do list 15 miles long. I was feeling behind because La had friends over this weekend and I choose to let the girls have a bond fire to mark the start of fall instead of cleaning up, so the house is a mess , I have homework due that I haven't completed yet, laundry to get washed and while lying in bed awake at midnight I realized that today was the first day of fall and I had not done Lou’s annual tub pictures, so they needed to be done this morning before it gets too cold. And this morning I forgot Lou's breakfast for her to eat on the way to school so I stopped by a drive-threw and the price of her favorite thing had gone up so instead of having enough cash I had to use the debit card. Lou and I already taken sisters to school, went to the store to pick up things I had forgotten when I had gone grocery shopping last week and filled her tube with warm water to get her pictures done. Needless to say, I was definitely feeling the full effect of this Monday when Lou asked for an egg and cheese sandwich for lunch! I didn't want to scramble the egg and have to scrub the pan, so I talked her into a grilled cheese sandwich instead, which she seemed fine with even though it wasn’t what she really wanted. I looked around and saw all I needed to get done, I turned the eye on, start melting the butter and put the grilled cheese on and then the washer machine dinged, and I walked away. I don’t know what I was thinking… well that not entirely true- I was thinking “I need to start the next load, put the dishes up, start prepping dinner, and take the trash off…”! The next thing I know there is smoke coming from the stove, and I burst out into tears!

Not over a burnt piece of bread, but just the pressure and mom guilt I was feeling this morning! Next Lou came into the kitchen and looked at me like I was a crazy person and asked “Ummm? Momma what are you doing in here?” So, as I am explaining she was going to have to wait a little longer for her sandwich because I made a mistake and cooked it too long and it was burnt. And this sweetest little girl runs and hugs me and said “its ok Momma! We can just try again and make the bestest sandwich ever this time!” She didn’t see the mess or care that her sandwich wasn’t done, and she knew I was going to fix it! So that’s what we did, and I even made her what she really wanted to begin with- an egg and cheese sandwich!

The "perfect" egg and cheese sandwich

I don’t understand why us Momma’s do this to ourselves! Why do we feel guilty for choosing to do something fun and letting the mess sit a little longer? Why do we think it has to be done now and rush ourselves to-do it all? So, to all the other Momma’s feeling the full effect of this Monday morning, I want to remind you that it can wait! It’s ok to focus on one task at a time- no need to juggle and rush! And if you don’t get it all do today it can all wait until tomorrow (well not my homework… it must get done today but… you get the point!) Our best is good enough, and we don’t have to be perfect to be perfect in our kids’ eyes!

Thanks for being part of my “extra” crazy day! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to this week!

A sneak peek at Lou's tub pictures! Can't wait to get to edit the rest!

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