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Countdown Gift Box

I know we have been focusing on just sharing jewelry-related content lately, but this gift idea was just too cute not to share with y'all!

Lee is part of a friend group that we lovingly refer to as the Divas. For the last few years, they have drawn names for Christmas gifts. They will bring a small gift (usually homemade) to school every day for the last week of school. They decided they wanted to do a bigger countdown this year, doing a 12-day gift that their friend could open over Christmas break too!

While brainstorming on how to present these gifts, we remember a game a youth leader had played at a Christmas party a few years ago: A Prize punch board. We adapted the game design to make a cool advent gift for Lee's friend since it is easy to make, and we could get the supplies at the dollar store for only a few bucks!

To make this countdown gift box, you'll need:

  • A decent size box (big enough to hold all the cups side-by-side)

  • Wrapping paper

  • plastic solo type cups

  • tissue paper

  • rubberbands

  • scissors

  • a glue gun

  • marker


First, we cut the side flaps of the box. Then we wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper.

The next step we did was hot glue the plastic cups into their places inside the box; you could do the following two steps before this one if that is easier for you. Next, we filled each cup with little prizes, such as scrunchies, keychains, earrings, etc.

You then cut the tissue paper into squares, cover each prize cup with two of the squares, and wrap a rubber band around the paper and tissue paper to hold the prizes inside.

We also added tissue paper between each of the cups, mostly for esthetic, but also,

we hope it will muffle the sound so they can't guess what is in the box.

Lastly, you cover the top of the box with wrapping paper and carefully write numbers over the top of the cups, so you know where to "punch" to get the prize.

Lee had a Christmas party with the Divas this weekend where they exchanged their gifts. Here are a few pictures of the gift Lee got! It is soooo cute! I love the Faux Book!

Here is a video show the process as well...

I think this is such a fun idea!

The best part is it can be customized to be used for other holidays or parties!

(seriously considering doing this for the girls 14 days of love gifts this coming Valentine's Day!)

We'd love to hear your ideas about how you could use this creation! Comment and let us know!

Merry Christmas!

As always, thanks for being part of our CrAzY! Until Next time…

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