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Decorating for Halloween

New family Vlog YouTube Channel

Like I said in the last blog, Lou really had wanted a YouTube channel like some of her favorite shows, so we made the jump… well kinda! We love sharing lives with our 654Family but not so sure about the whole world wide web! We made a channel, but we have it set to "unlisted," so the only way you can watch these cool Simnanagin Stories, you will have to follow the link posted in each of our blogs! We really hope you check it out. I am sure Lou would love to hear what you think about the videos!

We love Halloween! We love it so much that a lot of our house décor would be considered Halloween decorations, but October is the one time of the year that the outside of our house gets to be just as spooky as in the inside! The Six Five Four Family can watch this cool video, Simnanigan: Decorating for Halloween here:

As always, thanks for being part of our CrAzY! Until Next time…

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