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Ending June on a Good Note

So… another late blog, what else is new? But I did finish editing and delivered all the recital pictures and wedding pictures and FINALLY delivered that “cursed” order of necklaces. I even found time to make dehydrated banana in honor of Granny Sara’s Birthday (She would have been 104 this year and we always try to find some way to remember her on her birthday!) So at least I have been productive and not just procrastinating. This week I’m going to brag on my “baby daddy,” talk about Lee’s birthday, about my college experience so far and an interesting experience we had last week.

Father’s Day

I could never brag on my husband’s fathering abilities enough. Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad, and my daughters are no exception. My husband is always put our family first! He sacrifices (especially his sleep) to give them everything they want and need. He always is down for our crazy adventures and knows the importance of making memories with our family. He is always there to pick them up when they are down and pushes them to try again harder! He truly is fantastic with them!!

We didn’t do a great job of celebrating him this year. He worked the night before Father’s Day and the night of, so we took the day easy. The girls made him breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. Then he had to take a nap before we went to have dinner with my grandfather, “the best Papa in the World.” Just a simple, relaxing day. He also loves baseball, so we have gone to the Gwinnett Stripers game the last two weekends to spend some family time doing something he loves!

Lee is Eleven

My third born is eleven years old! This a big year for her: she got a “real” phone with service. In our house the rule is before middle school you get a cell phone, so we can be reached during the day or be updated throughout the day as needed. She also decided that she wanted to make a big change! She cut all her hair off!! It looks sooooo cute but definitely made her look like a middle schooler. She didn’t tell anyone that she cut it and made it a surprise for them at her birthday celebration. We had a planned a day at the lake with four of her friends, but it decided to be rainy that day, so she ended taking them to play laser tag and bowling, a short trip to Wizards (video game and comic store) and ended the day at Dairy Queen for Ice cream cake. Huge shout out to Dairy Queen for opening the playground area even though it was a little wet, so we could play and eat outside.

I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming! She is so sweet, caring, and creative! I can’t wait to see what this next chapter her life holds for her. Middle school here she comes!

Last Week of 2nd Class

Starting College has been quite a transition for me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to take all my classes online, as well as completing one class before starting the next. Tomorrow I take my final exam in my second class! I am proud of myself for going back to school and working towards finally earning my degree. Dropping out of college has always been one of my biggest regrets! I couldn’t juggle having three kids under four years old. As much as I regretted the decision, I am kind of glad that I am getting to show my daughters how to work towards something they want and that even if you don’t do it the traditional way it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I had this great idea for a business, but I didn’t have the means or knowledge to actually pursue it. I put going back to college off for years because I felt like that I am just a mom, or that I couldn’t do it because I haven’t worked in years. Finally, I took the leap and signed up! It is very exciting to think that I am making actual progress towards opening my business!

Day Disconnected

We had an interesting experience last week- our internet was out for a whole day!! To add to that, we don’t have cell service inside our house, so we rely on the wifi for our phones to work. I had work to do, and Steve had worked, so we were going to be home all day. I’ll admit I am overly attached to my phone, but I felt like we were good at disconnecting and really being present with each other. Apparently, that must be something we prepared ahead to do because this was a LONG day! I didn’t realize how much we use the internet. We don’t have cable; we use Netflix and Hulu, we use Spotify for our music while we clean or while I do homework or edit, etc. We even look up random questions that we don’t know the answer too!

On top of that, I couldn’t message friends or family. I felt very anxious that something was going to happen, and I wasn’t going to find out. Not in the sense of missing out, but like an accident and I wasn’t going to know someone needed me. We ended up going to Walmart at 10:30 PM just so I could check my email, and message a few people that needed to know to call my husband if something was wrong. It was a crazy feeling. It was eye-opening to how addicted I am to my phone, not that it was something I wasn’t aware of since I sleep with my phone right beside me! The girls did get creative in dealing with their boredom, though.

Looking Ahead…

Other than my final I don’t know if we are doing anything next week. We will see what the week brings us! Kind of excited for all the new things July has in store for us! Hope the Holiday week is good (and safe) for everyone! Thanks for taking the time to be part of our crazy!

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