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Finally ... a Fall Festival

It is so lovely to have something to blog about! It has been so hard since shelter in place started last March, but we got to go to an actual fall festival! We had to go a few towns over because all of the local ones were canceled! But it felt soooo good to do something that lets us feel like things are getting back to normal, even though we were in masks most of the day! It really was just a fantastic day!

Lou really wanted a YouTube channel like some of her favorite shows, so we made the jump… well kinda! We love sharing lives with our 654Family but not so sure about the whole world wide web! We made a channel, but we have it set to "unlisted," so the only way you can watch these cool Simnanagin Stories, you will have to follow the link posted in each of our blogs!

We really hope you check it out and enjoy it! Hopefully, they will get better as we go! If you do like this one, I am sure Lou would love to hear what you think about the videos!

I'm so Thankful there was finally "some crazy" for you to a part of! Until Next time…

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