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First Week of Summer 2021

The first whole week of summer is in the books. We had a great week with a few of our favorite people to kick off Summer 2021!

On Saturday, we went to Margaritaville, which we refer to as our “home away from home” because we do our best to “live” there during the summer! We have gotten season passes the last 5ish years. Because we stay so busy, we don’t really go on vacations, so this is our vacation that we take weekly! This year is extra special because my youngest brother and sister (“Aunt and Uncle”) also got passes, so we will be getting to hang out so much this summer! Here is the vlog about their first visit ever to the waterpark!

We also got to spend this first week with Aunt and Uncle. They had a 6-day sleepover with us! We tried to squeeze as much fun as possible into these six days to get the summer started right! Sunday, we just cleaned and got ready for them to come over. Monday, we did a few educational activities (yes, I am that person!), then we snuck back off to the waterpark. Tuesday, Lou’s best friend came over, and we played in the backyard. That night Steven surprised us with a Stripers Baseball game! Wednesday, we went to Lee’s friend’s house for an end-of-school-year ice cream party. Thursday was our big surprise- we went to the zoo with lots of our favorite people. Friday, we were pretty tired but still had some fun in the backyard! Here is the vlog showing you all the cool stuff we did:

I also made an extended version of the zoo vlog showing all the incredible animals we saw! This was a fantastic trip I am so thankful that we got to start the summer off together!

Another cool thing we did was lee, and I started working on some new #654creations. Here is a sneak peek of what we did… be on the lookout for the full blog later this week!

Thanks for taking the time to be part of our CraZy!Until next time…

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