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Graduation 2021: Looking back on this crazy year!

The 2020-2021 school year has been the most bizarre school year I have ever experienced. And for those that are graduating this school year definitely look different from anything they could have imagined. I am not taking away from the Class of 2020 because they lost sooooo much! But the Class of 2021 was promised some normal, and that is not really what they got! They did get a football session, but with limited fans in the stands, not to mention the marching band and fans could not attend away games. There was a SENIOR Prom, but it was only seniors + date, and they did get in-person graduation, but it was masked! But even with all this craziness stacked against them, the Class of 2021 survived! Here is a video showcasing all the #654fam Class of 2021! We are so proud of you:


My graduation story…

As most of you know, I am part of the Class of 2021. I will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Business Entrepreneurship on June 6, 2021. I have started this blog about my experience a half of a dozen times. It has been a week of a rollercoaster of emotions. Not just about ending school, but this crazy school year is coming to an end. I had expected to feel a sense of relief or accomplishment when I turned that last assignment in, but in all honesty, I really just felt tired. These last few classes have been trying on top of all the mom responsibilities that I have, running my kids here, there, and everywhere to end-of-the-year events and activities. But seeing all these "kids" getting ready to graduate really has me thinking about the journey it took to get here. Being a college graduate was a dream I had given up on- but here I am, just finishing my last college class, and I will officially graduate in 3 weeks! It's all so mind-blowing to me!

I was asked this weekend by a recent high school graduate, "why did you decide to go to college" and it felt a bit implied that he meant in "your 30's after having 4 kids", but maybe I am projecting a bit! But I gave the standard answer, "I left my job as a pre-k teacher at a church (when I got pregnant with Lou), and I knew I didn't want to do that with my life but didn't feel like I had the skills to pursue anything else, so I went to college to learn." I later felt like I had lied to him! All that was mostly true, but it was something so much more! I woke up one day and felt like I wasn't a person! I was someone's mom, Steve's wife, so-and-so Aunt Kelley, the babysitter, etc. And when I said that I left my job as a teacher, that was also true, but it was so much more! My actual job was teaching at the preschool, but I worked with the children's group, organized the summer program, and taught a middle school Sunday school class for almost two more years after Lou was born. I poured everything into that church. I left nothing of me for me! When I finally realized that I needed to leave this church, it was the hardest thing I had ever done! I loved it so much, and it completely broke my heart to walk away. I spent the next year being in a deep depression. I was an auto-pilot person. I went t through the motions, but my family was suffering, my marriage was suffering. So when I say I woke up not feeling like a person, I mean I came out of auto-pilot and realized something had to change.

The last two years may not have been easy, but they have completely turned my life around. The decision to go wholeheartedly after something I wanted has been the best decision ever. I realized I could do hard things. I realized I can get soooo stressed out that I cry, but I still get it done. Get it done on time and make a good grade on it! I learned my ideas have value and merit. I realized that if something isn't working the way I'm doing it, I can pivot to improve it. These lessons have poured into every area of my life! Marriage is better than it has ever been! My family is working together: dreaming, planning, achieving, and succeeding! I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life. I am also very thankful for all of you going on this journey with us. Some great things are coming!


To celebrate the 2020-2021 school year coming to an end, we are offering $2.21 off your orders from now until June 6th, 2021 (which is the day that I graduate!!!!) You just enter the coupon code "CLASS2021" at checkout!


What's next…

Like most people, we are excited it is SUMMER! I am ready to spend some time in the sun with my family and friends. The 654 Team has incredible ideas that you will see soon (be on the lookout for them). The summer is a great time to refocus on your goals and prepare for what is next, whether it is college, taking your business to the next level, or just getting ready for the 2021-2022 school year. No matter the season you are in, use the next few months to set some goals and make a plan to make them a reality!

As always! Thanks for being part of our Crazy! Until Next time…

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