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Halloween 2019

In our house, we all get pretty excited about Halloween! We love dressing up, watching spooky movies, carving pumpkins, and of course, trick-or-treating!!


With the three big girls being older, I did not have to put much effort into their costumes! Lee went as Deku again, recycling her cosplay from ComicCon this summer. Sissy and La costumes dressed up as Garth and Wayne from Wayne’s World. They decide this last year because they just happened to be dressed like them, and Daddy thought that would be awesome costumes! They were already invested in their ideas last year, so they decided to do dress like them this year. They literally just pulled from their closets and carried a guitar and drum sticks!

Lou, on the other hand, we had to create her costume. She decided out of the blue that she wanted to be a spider. So when she started learning about spiders during her Halloween unit (homeschool curriculum), I spent a few extra days learning about spiders. During this time, we made her costume. I bought her black leggings, a long black sleeve shirt, black gloves, and a black beanie. She and I went to Walmart to pick up the supplies to make her spider arms but, while we were there, we found this bendable spider decoration and had a “light bulb moment.” We used the spider to make a “spider backpack: four of the legs, two from each side, were bent together to make arm straps. She decided she wanted to be a spider with a lot of eyes, so she added googly-eyes to her beanie. (I used the hot glue gun though! ) One of the coolest things about being 3 is you get to wear your costume a lot. I was so glad she was happy with how it turned out and she was really proud of herself because she got to help make it!


I love Halloween!!! My house always has “Halloween décor out: glittery skulls, Frankenstein's monster head, pumpkins all over my bookcase, day of the dead kitchen theme, I never dust so there’re is always spiderwebs … but I am not the best about decorating for holidays, but this year we did a little more decorating than usual. While Lou was learning about Spiders we put orange lights and neon Orange webs on the bushes, put my Halloween welcome since and pumpkin Friend outside, and the best husband bought me a projector thing that put Nightmare Before Christmas Characters dancing on the garage door. In the house we placed pictures of loves that have passed away with our dining room table centerpiece, and Lou put glow-in-the-dark spiders around it. We lit Remembrance candles. It did feel good to have a little extra décor for my favorite holiday this year!

Halloween Kick-off

The Saturday before Halloween Lou’s favorite place in the world (Coolray Stadium) held a “Flick-or-treat,” which is where they had an hour of trick or treating, and they played a movie on the jumbo screen. It was so much fun, and Lou loved getting to go to Coolray for Halloween! We did not stay to watch the movie because Steve's mom was throwing a Halloween party for some of the kids in their family!

This party was also a lot of fun… Lou won the best costume… But I was a slacker blogger (and mom and didn’t take any pictures during the party (oops)! It was a great Saturday and a fantastic way to start Halloween week.

Carving Pumpkins

On Sunday, I had the crazy idea to take all the kids to the store to pick out their pumpkins and get a few groceries!! Luckily we survived, but I did send them downstairs to their rooms while I cooked lunch because I needed some quiet time before we were using sharp objects together! (just kidding… kind of!) When Steve got home from work he moved the TV outside, we watched Edward Scissorhands while we carved our pumpkins! Steve never really likes to actually crave the pumpkins, so he just spent time with us girls while we carved ours. Lou picked an owl template (thank goodness because I am not good at friend handing!) Sissy went with a classic jack-o-lantern face, Lee did a symbol from the anime Fairytale. La had wanted to do a ghost on a skateboard originally, but couldn’t draw it out the way she envisioned, so she ended up using the pumpkin she had to make her daddy a baseball pumpkin. Since I was helping Lou and La needed a new pumpkin, we picked two more up the next day. I carved the moon and stars on mine. La decided hers was cute enough just the way it was and did not carve it!

On Tuesday, all the big girls had afterschool activities, so Nana took Lou to the trick-or-treating on the square! Lou had so much fun! It was kind of crowded, so she did not wear her spider legs, but she was still pretty cute! Lou really loved seeing all the scarecrows they had set up throughout the square.

Spooky Sweet Treats

With Lou's homeschool curriculum, I always try to have her make something sweet, but for Halloween we went a little bit overboard. After carving pumpkins the girls (all 4) of them make chocolates with our Halloween molds: dancing skeleton, vampire teeth, witch fingers, bats, etc. That was a lot of fun, and they took them to school to share with their friends. Next, we made pumpkin rice crispies with green apple Twizzlers for the stems. This one was a lot of fun…. but kind of messy and time-consuming, Lou lost interest after she made four of them and left me to finish them. Lastly, we made green Frankstien cupcakes with green icing. We got to practice how to mix colors to make green and orange, following directions, and to make things for others.


It rained through Wednesday all the way up to a few hours before it was time to go trick-or-treating. I was worried that we were not going to get to go, but the rain stopped, and the skies cleared. The downside was it was REALLY COLD! Instead of walking the neighborhood, we decided to drive through it. The big kids rode in the very back, but Lou got in and out from the middle section of the car, where my best friend was sitting with her. She was soooo excited, and it was so funny to watch! A few times she got so excited she forgot even to get her bag! The big girls were walking her to the door, and they’d have to hold on to her because she was so excited that she was just running in circles! After a little bit Lou sat with me and only the big kids trick-or-treated! I love the neighborhood with go to because they never make the older kids (teens) feel bad for trick-or-treating or anything like that- they are always friendly and its always so much fun!!

Chunk’n the Pumpkins

A few days after Halloween, we play this game we call “Chunk’n Pumpkins.” Chunk’n Pumpkins is basically where we roll the pumpkins down the hill to see who can get the most of their pumpkins (because the break going down the hill) the furthers. A cool thing about it this year is it was something Lou remembered was going to happen, so she started getting excited about it while we were carving our pumpkin! We did not end up getting to do this until the Wednesday after Halloween this year, so we made it a bigger deal than we typically do. We did a fire, ate dinner outside, did homework outside, and then played Chunk’n Pumpkins in the dark! It was a little hard to judge this year because we have no lights down the hill. We didn’t have a clear winner, but La has the most make it all the way down, and Lee’s went the farthest, and Lou was the most excited! I love this tradition of ours! It always feels like an excellent way to end Halloween each year!

I will be working on an update this week to hopefully share sometime next week (or the week after... you know me!?) I will also be posting a "Lou makes pumpkin rice crispies" to be posted this Wednesday. Thanks for taking time to be a part of our crazy! Until next time...

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