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How we started July

I like that I thought the holiday week with nothing really on my calendar was going to be relaxing! The joke was on me! I started my new class, Organizational Ethics. Come to find out this is the class that comes after ethics, which I took 13ish years ago. So, I spent three days reading the Required Material and the Recommended Materials, making sure I was familiar with the material before class officially started. I was really dreading this class; I view the topic ethics like politics and religion! I don’t talk about either topic with anyone I don’t know EXTREMELY well, and even then, they are topics I try to avoid! I was surprised; I actually liked learning about the different ethical theories. I may feel differently when the class is in full swing, but it was still interesting.

For the 4th of July, we went to Cool-Ray Stadium to see the Gwinnett Strippers play. This seems to be our families favorite place this summer. Lou loves baseball, just like her Daddy. All the girls seem to be enjoying it. Lou and Lee are part of the Little Anglers club, so they get into the Sunday games. They have got to run the bases, Tour the stadium before a game, and the kid zone is included (which I think really is Lou’s favorite part, she loves the bouncy houses and getting to bat!) They had a pretty good firework show. Lou doesn’t like loud noises, so I got to cover her ears. There was also some ash falling on us since we were pretty close to where they were shooting them, but she wore my sunglasses, so we didn’t have to worry about something getting in her eyes. (the other girls and I had hats on, which seemed to block the ash for us.) It was a good game, a good firework show and some fantastic family time!

Sissy also had a three-hour dental appointment this week. She had to get a root canal, and temporary crown on a tooth got damaged when she had braces. She goes back in a few weeks to get the permeant crown in. She handled it so well, I even broke my rule of no Chick-fila drive thru for her!... and of course the they outside to take my order and was training someone so their were TWO people at my car window making me soooo uncomfortable!!! She really did way better than I ever had so it was worth it for her!

This weekend we also went to Nana’s house and dug up the potatoes Lou and Nana planted a few months ago. Lou was so proud of them! I thought for a minute that she wouldn’t let us eat them for dinner. They were delicious! It was good to get to visit with Nana and Papa too. We have not had time to visit them as much this summer as I would like with my school work.

Honestly, I haven’t even wanted to visit with anyone this summer. Not that I am ever particular social, but just don’t feel like I have anything to invest in relationships outside my home! I only feel like I can focus on taking care of them, school, and getting everything to grow Six Five Four Creations and getting my store open. You might call it motivation or drive, even though it doesn’t entirely feel like that! It feels like being late for an appointment. Like I have got to get it done urgently. I’m not sure why, though. Could be that it’s a dream I put off to long or could be that my oldest child is going into high school. It feels like it is just time, time to put all my energy into changing my stars.

This is all I have for this weekly blog! Our Working Wednesday Blog will be about our Nature Collection and it will all be 25% off as well! So, I hope everyone will check it at and as always thanks for being a part of our crazy!

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