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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Around Here…

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Our First Christmas Event of 2019

In early November, Sissy kicked the Christmas season off for us when she performed in the annual Braselton Christmas Parade with her dance studio. As always, she (they) did a fantastic job! After the parade, we got a ride on the Trolley! Lou was soooooo excited- She got to ride Trolley like Daniel Tiger!

Old Fashioned Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving Sissy, Lou and I met my Best friend from elementary school and her family in Dahlonega for an Old-Fashioned Christmas. (My dad and his wife also went with us but they went more as “tourist” so we did not spend a lot of time at the actual square with them, but we had an awesome dinner together afterwards!) We had an awesome time visiting, taking pictures and even did a little bit of holiday shopping while we were there!

On Lou's Birthday Weekend The Strippers had a special day were you could get your picture taken with Santa Chopper, so we took a trip to the stadium so Lou could see her "best friend!

The lighting of the Chicken

We live in Gainesville Ga where is called the “Chicken Capital of the World,” so for the kick-off of the Christmas Season, the city lights our Great Chicken that “watches” over the Square. They call this celebration “the Jingle Mingle.” This year I made the last-minute decision to go… If I am completely transparent, I was in a horrible mood! We had spent the whole day AT THE MALL with Lou who was also grumpy. I had been volunteered to take kids to a from the mall!!!! So, as I am driving on the expressway, I decided to go and make all the kids go with me!!! It was cold, windy and wet from the rain, but I called Lou’s Best Friend (well his Momma) and they met us up there. We ended up having an excellent time. We rode the train, met the Coke Bear and SAW SANTA!!! Andrew Jannakos from The Voice sang a few songs and then the Mayor Light the Chicken and the fireworks started! It was a perfect ending from a kind of a rotten day!

Last 2 Weeks of school

Over the last few weeks, the school squeezed in winter concerts, parties, caroling, secret Santa’s etc…. It was cRaZiNeSs!!!! Not to mention that I didn’t get winter break from College until the 23rd! But we survived the madness (including turning my final Accounting paper right before I crawled into bed on December 23!!) the girl did great in all of their performances and gave beautiful personalized gifts to all their friends!

Winter Solstice

I started a tradition with the girls a few years ago that it is very dear to my heart! We celebrate the winter solstice. It is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight in the whole year, “the longest night and the shortest day.” My aunt Connie taught me about it when I was younger, and I adored her. She was my most favorite aunt! She passed away before any of my girls could meet her, so I do this to teach them the things she taught me! We celebrate winter solstice to remind us that the sun always returns. “Even when the dark hours outnumber the light ones.” Take this day to think about our mental health as we prepare for Christmas! We think of all the blessings we received that year and all the goals we hope to achieve in the new year. First, we have a candlelight dinner, and then we write our blessing and goal list. This year we even gave them all “the gift of light” by giving them lamps! (I love punny things!) I think this is super important for them to get in the habit of doing! The holidays are not always full of Cheer and Merriment! Sometimes the holidays are downright miserable at times! So it is crucial to enter the season with the blessings and goals at the forefront of their minds, to make the not so merry moments seem like molehills instead of mountains!

“Ginger Houses”

Over the weekend, we went to Lou’s best friend's house and decorated Gingerbread houses. Other than the fact the girls and I, even with all our artist skills, we are HORRIBLE at decorating! Like for real- its bad!! But we had a fantastic time and they looked pretty good on the table!

Lou Christmas Eve Surprise

On Christmas Eve, Lou got to go to one of her favorite places, Get Air! It was just her and me, while the rest of the family helped put together Lou’s “Big Gift” (a swing set)! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have toddler time for 2 hours, where she can play with friends her age, which was especially helpful on a day we need her to go to bed on time! It was an extra special day at Get Air because Santa came to visit! We had so much fun! (I did realize that I need to start working out better because I could not keep up with her)! I even managed to sneak in a few “Santa Lou” pictures!

Christmas at Nana’s

We usually do Christmas at Nana and Papa’s house on Christmas eve! It was a great night of visiting. We played this entertaining game, Spontuneous! We laughed so hard and smiled so much my face hurt! It was just a great night!

Christmas Eve

When we got home from Nana and Papa’s Sissy helped Lou make and sprinkle it outside for the reindeer to have a snack while Santa is working!

Then everyone got in their pajamas that our good friends got them (another tradition for five years now).

Then we read the Night Before Christmas (a special edition)! Then they sent out Santa’s snack (no cookies from us)! Then all the girls have a Sleepover in Sissy’s room (another annual tradition)!

We all went to bed and Santa came….

Christmas Day

Daddy woke up at 3 o’clock (the time he would be up for work) and cooked cheesy eggs and sausage. Then he came back to bed. We all slept in until 6 o’clock (I’m pretty sure La set the alarm but I cannot confirm that). The girls all came up to see what Santa brought them. Then they opened their presents from us. After all the gifts, we ate breakfast and started Home Alone. After the movie, we cleaned up before my mom, stepdad, brother, cousin, and my sister and her husband came over for Christmas.

My family got here and we had a great Christmas visit after they left everyone played with their stuff (I may have taken a nap on the couch) until it was time to get to Steve’s parent's house, where we had a Christmas dinner and visited with his brothers that we have not seen in a while! I got to play with my “Squishy” niece! It was a pleasant visit!

I don’t think I have ever had a better Christmas in my whole life! I feel so blessed that I got to have a Holiday Season filled with so much love and joy! I am also thankful I get to share my life with amazing supportive people like y’all! I hope everyone had an Amazing Christmas and is ready to start the New Year!

Thanks for being a part of our crazy! Until next week….

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