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January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We really hope you had a Happy New Year and that these first few weeks of January have been as wonderful as you! We love this time of year because it gives us the perfect opportunity to make changes to get us closer to our goals.

In our house, we take new year's resolutions seriously. This year, one of our big ones is to capture all the important moments together. I want to hold on to every second I have with my kids, especially since the older girls are getting older. We are talking about senior year, taking the SATs, college applications, future plans, etc. As much as they are looking towards their future, I want to make sure I am holding on to these last moments with all 6 of us in the house together. I want to bottle every precious moment of it! This led us to the idea for Six Five Four Creations 2022 Collection: Bottling Time.

Each month, we will create and release some unique Bottle Necklaces representing the time of year and other pieces that complement the season. We are kicking the collection off with Bottling Time. We created four small jars necklaces, each with clocks and glitter. We have some funky and unique clock earrings and necklaces too! Another great thing about this collection is that it is affordable, making it easy for you to stick to your resolution to stay on budget! 😉

I hope you take a minute to check out the first installment of The Bottling Time Collection. Don't forget to bottle all the important moments in your life during 2022!

You can shop now! New items will be added regualrly! Go to the website and check out now!

Happy New Year,

The Six Five Four Creations Team

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