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La's 8th grade year So far...

I don’t know if you all reading this remember, but middle school isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Everybody is hormonal, everybody is feeling uncomfortable, and everybody is nervous about the next stage of their life: High School! I know my 8th-grade year was ROUGH! Luckily, I had an awesome friend group that pulled me along for the ride, because I was ready to give up! And I had one friend that I could always count on to be crazy and silly with, which was the only thing that got me through it!

I am very fortunate that La does not feel the way I did. She is a good student; she very involved in school; she also has an awesome friend that loves her… but she is still feeling a lot of the pressures of 8th grade, and for a child that struggles with anxiety, it adds a new level of challenges for her. I hate watching her feeling anything other than amazing (because she truly is a beautiful, caring, supportive, compassionate, artistic human being!!!!!!!) BUT she is still finding ways to thrive as she is trying to survive 8th grade!

Honor Society

La has always tried to do her best and to do things correctly. This characteristic has really paid off for her because she is in 5 (out of 6) Carnegie Classes this year. In case you are not familiar with the term, Carnegie class are high school level classes that you receive high school credit for while still in middle school. (I had never heard of that until Sissy got 2 Carnegie classes last year). All that hard work also paid off because she was recently inducted into the Honor Society (after the induction Ceremony they had a little breakfast for the students and their families!! Another perk of Honor Society is the trips offered- this year, they are going to Washington D. C.!!!


She is in all the bands- 9th Grade band (its 8th Grade band with 9th grade [high school]credit!), pep band (the band that plays at the home basketball games), and Jazz band. She plays the oboe regularly, but she also took on the challenge of learning the bass guitar for Jazz band over the summer. She was so nervous about trying out, but she did it! Want is even more amazing to me is that she is basically teaching herself!! She watched YouTube videos, had a book that the band teacher gave her, and has had to figure most of it out on her own. Her uncle and her teacher have helped her some with things she has been confused about, but it is still so impressive that she had the drive to do this!

Blooming Photographer

La has always appointed herself as my photographer assistant. She got the opportunity to be a second photographer at a wedding recently. The way the person explained it to me, “La was the photographer, while she set up the poses.”It was such a fantastic opportunity for her! I am editing the wedding pictures for them, and if I do say so myself she did an excellent job! I

La is also working so hard on a big project for tomorrow’s “Working Wednesday Blog.” I can not wait to share it with y'all!! Be on the lookout for that!

As always, Thanks for being part of our crazy! Until tomorrow….

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