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Lou make Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats

During our Halloween 2019 blog, I said I would share a “Lou make Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats.” Like always for the Lou makes blog, Lou will be providing the directions from pictures we took while she was helping cook. Lou is the narrator, and I (momma) will be adding details inside the parentheses.

This time Lou Makes Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats:


Bowl of water

Butter with no paper (whole stick)

Marshmallows out of the bag (2 bags)

Yellow drops (Food coloring)

Red drops (Food coloring)

Rice cereal (6-8 cups)

1 green (sour apple twizzlers)

First, I putted the Marshmallows in the bowl. Then you put butter on the top. Then I put them in the Microwave. We wait until they are melted. Then we put the colors: we drop a little bit of yellow and a little bit of red. And then I mixed it with my finger (which is not true she stirred it with the spoon!!!)

When it was all orange, I poured crispies in and mixed it and then crispies and mixed it and then did it again!!! (as she was mixing, she would pour 2 cups in and mix it, three times until all 6 cups of rice crispy cereal were mixed in well). then I put butter alllllll-over my hands and water and smooshed and mushed the sticky together like a ball. (Took the mix and balled it with butter on our hands, so they didn’t stick. We had a bowl of water that we little wet the balls to make then stick together better).

Then I pulled the candy apart and broke it, and pocked a stick in the top of my pumpkin and put the candy in it and I had a little snack with the candy

(made small pieces of the green apple twizzler,

used a toothpick to make a small space for the candy to fit).

They looked great and looked good! I had to eat one because they looked so good!

They tasted good and “Balicious!”


I hope y’all enjoyed being part of our crazy. Lou really looks forward to making things and helping my “type the stories” to share with her friends!

I am working hard to have the website up to date by Small Business Saturday! Also if you know a small business that should be part of our Small Business Saturday Shoutout Blog 2019, please message me!

Until next time….

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