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Lou makes "Snowy French Toast"

This Year, Our Elves gathered all the supplies together for Lou to make Snowy French Toast. Lou had so much fun making this sweet breakfast for her sisters! Plus, is such a fun breakfast idea for the Holiday season! (side note- our elves had doodled some “egg-cellent” Art on our eggs). Lou couldn't wait to share it with them, and with you!

What you Need:

1 loaf of Bread

2 eggs

2 cups of milk (we use almond milk)

2 splashes of French Vanilla Creamer

Cinnamon Sugar Mix




Warm up the Griddle or Skillet.

First, pick out two eggs. Crack them into a bowl (remove any shell that may have fallen in). Pour milk in over the eggs—Splash Creamer into the milk. Then mix them all together.

Melt the butter (on to the Griddle).

Dip each side of the bread fast into the milk (egg mixture) and put on the skillet (warm Griddle).

Sprinkle the Cinnamon Sugar (mixture) onto each side of the bread.

Let it cook until it is toasted (for 45-60 seconds or until it is golden brown)—flip and do it again.

Add more butter (Each time you add toast to the pan, lightly coat with butter.)

Then you add the “snowy” powdered sugar to your toast! (Don’t forget to add syrup of choice and Enjoy! *Bananas are also an excellent topping for the Snowy Toast)!

Here is a video kind of showing the steps as Lou making it for her sisters:

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