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Lou Makes Sweet Potato Bites

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Lou and I love Sweet potatoes… Well she loves “loaded” sweet potatoes: you add the butter, brown sugar, and of course, MARSHMALLOWS!! One day while we were snuggling and scrolling on Facebook, we saw this post for Sweet Potato Bites (that I had apparently saveda few years ago?!?!)

They looked yummy, so we went to see what we had in the kitchen and decided we would try them Lunch that day!

*We did not follow the recipe exactly *no pecans *added brown sugar…

just notes if you chose to try it yourself.

Lou will be providing the directions from pictures we took while she was helping cook. Lou is the narrator, and I (momma) will be adding details in pink font inside the parentheses .

This time Lou Makes Sweet Potato Bites:


  • 2 orange potatoes (Sweet potatoes)

  • Butter (melted)

  • Brown sugar

  • Syrup (recipe said Maple-we used Log Cabin)

  • The Big Marshmallows (not mini-marshmallows)

  • *Preheat oven to 400 degrees

First, you get TWO Orange potatoes! Then Momma cut the skin off while I did my [school] work (Peel sweet potatoes, while she sorted her candy by color). Then you cut them with the knife into circles (Slice the potatoes). Then you squish them into the pan (arrange them so they all fit on the pan and not hanging off the side). Put butter on top, and brown sugar and syrup on top of them all (pour melted butter over the potatoes, drizzle syrup over them and then sprinkle a little brown sugar on top of each potato).

Then you flip them and put them in to cook and cook and cook (make cover both sides of the potatoes. Then you bake them for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. After 10 minutes take the potatoes out and flip them and cook for 10 more minutes).

You put the big tasty marshmallows on them when they are hot like fire to melt them (place a marshmallow on top of each slice and broil for 1 minute… unless you are us and have to take a potty break, and then they broil for almost 2 minutes!)

Then we ate them and “they were BELICIOUS Momma” (and friends reading our blog!)


I hope that y'all enjoyed this blog as much as Lou and I did working on it! We are working hard on new updates for La and Lee as well as actual Working Wednesdays with the crafts the girls have been working on recently (they are some really cool projects if I do say so myself!!) Keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks!

Thanks for being part of our crazy!!! Until next time...

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