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Ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah (aka Disturbed Concert!)

Working on catching up blogs… and I realized that I never shared the blog about one of the best nights of 2019- if not EVER!!! We got last minute Concert tickets to see Disturbed: The Evolution Tour!!! Fun Fact about Disturbed- they were kind of how Steven and I became friends. One of the first conversations we had was about Disturbed and started listening to music together and just got closer and closer, and here we are 16 years later getting to go to the concert together!!! We also got to take the two older girls to experience this with us! A bonus, this was their first arena concert, so it was extra cool to me that it was a band that both of their parents loved so much at their age!!#fullcirclelove

We did not know we were going until an hour before, so we were not prepared- our phones were not even charged … Luckily, I could wash my hair quickly before we left because I was looking like a hot mess, and there’s nothing to make you realize that you are not cool any more like a rock concert! But it was ok because its FREAKING DISTURBED!

We got to the arena and found our seats. Our seats were on the second level in a section that was not crowded, so it was cool. We looked at the merchandise stand, but we had no money and being last minute we had not budgeted for a concert so we couldn’t get anything EXCEPT an amazing experience-which it was an AMAZING NIGHT!!!

The opening band “In This Moment” put on a cool show- very theatrical! Got to be honest, I had not really heard of them?! But will most definitely be checking them out again... when I get control of the radio… but I’m a mom, so not telling when this actually will happen again!?

Disturbed came out on stage, and even though the crowd was small, we were mighty! Everyone went wild!

This concert was the second time I have seen disturbed (but the first time everyone else saw them!) I can wholeheartedly say they got better with time! The show was f@#% fantastic!! I love this band so much! They engage with the crowd; the fans are so involved in the show… I am struggling even to form sentences to describe the feeling you get. I think La described it the best way “it's so wholesome”! This is not what anyone ever expects you to say about a metal band concert, but it honestly did warm our souls to be there and be a part of the whole experience!

I think one of the biggest things that Disturb does while performing is reminding people that there is always light on the other side of any darkness you are feeling! They dedicate a considerable part of their show to suicide awareness and remember those that lost the fight with their mental health.

While they performed their song “The Light” the turned the stage light down low and encored everyone to shine their phone flashlight or lighters to remind everyone that “you need never feel broken again. Sometimes darkness can show you the light!” It was such a spiritual experience!

And of course they played “down with the Sickness” and I screamed so loud I was not sure I was even going to have a voice the next day!!

I wish every single one of you could have been there with us! This blog does not, in any way, do justice on describing the show or explain how fabulous the night was! I am so thankful Steven and I finally got to see DISTURBED TOGETHER and that we got to share this special experience with our girls… and that they thought it was cool and that their parents use to be cool! (Huge parenting win!!)

I will be posting another “Lou makes” tomorrow. But the following week, we will be sharing a special Working Wednesday blog (on November 27th) with some crafts La has been working on for the past few weeks. We also have a few more planned with other things the girls have been making, so be on the lookout for those!

As always, thanks for taking the time to be a part of our crazy! Until next time…

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