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Red, White & Blue Collection

It has been sooooo long since I have been able to blog!! It feels like forever! I kind of just took a HUGE step back from the Six Five Four Creations store and blog while the girls were doing school-from-home and we were all adjusting to this new way of living. Once school was over for the year, the girls started taking a more active role in the business: updating the website, product photo shoots, creating ads, adding new products, etc.!! We even started having weekly “654 meetings” where we focus solely on the store- to see what they got done and plan on what to next.

Which brings me to where we are now…

We are launching a new collection, “Red, White, and Blue.”

Complete with its own page on the website, an email newsletter, a Facebook giveaway ,YouTube video (and channel)!! So many great things to share with y'all!!! I am so proud of them!

We are still new to a lot of it, but we are excited to learn through doing!!

We have worked so hard and have created over 50 items specifically for this collection. Below I will share the link to the collection’s page and our very first YouTube video!

The Latest Collection page on the website featuring the "Red, White & Blue Collection:

The Collection will be on this page until August First, then we will share a new collection with you!

YouTube video:

I hope you check it all out and if you get a chance leave a comment telling the girls what you think of all the new things they are doing!! If you haven’t already you should become part of our community so you can get the July Newsletter (and all the future newsletters and specials too!!)

And follow us on Facebook:

and Instagram:

Thanks for being part of our Crazy! Until next time...

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