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Sister's Sweetest 16th Birthday Party

Even though her birthday is right after Christmas, we just recently had the Sweetest 16th Birthday Party for Saralynn. We thought it would be more fun when the weather was warmer. Here is the blog she wrote about this special day.

My sweet sixteen was truly one of the most magical things I've ever experienced, and it's all thanks to my amazing family and friends. My mom invited some friends to prep for the party to help us bake and make my cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and chocolate-dipped wafer cookies. They also help us prepare for a festival we were working! We had so much fun! While working, we listened to the playlist I made for my party, and now it is one of my favorite playlists.

On the day of the party, we attempted to get there early and set up, but there was a miscommunication! We got there at the wrong time, and we had to start setting up while some family was there! But it was all alright, everyone just helped us quickly and then we got the party started!

We all danced, ate, opened gifts, and then eventually the family part of the party was over, and my friends started arriving! My friends and took pictures, danced to the wobble and the macarena, and gave me some amazing gifts! At the end, they helped clean up too! I can't thank everyone enough for the amazing birthday I had!

Special Thank you’s to:

Ms. Jenny for catering the party!!

Yamieth for designing and building my Balloon Arch!!

Coley for helping her get it together so quickly!

Another Thank you to Coley and John for driving for hours to be at my party!

Here is the Vlog that shows all the fun we had at this party:

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