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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

It is that time of year age!!! Tomorrow (Saturday, November 30, 2019) is Small Business Saturday! In case you don’t know, Small Business Saturday is the annual day to celebrate and support local small businesses. There are so many things to love and celebrate about it!

I love the #commUNITY of shopping small! When buying from a small business, you get to meet the people who are providing the services or who made the product you are purchasing! You are providing real support to your neighbors, your friends, and your family to make their dreams come true. It’s kind of an awesome thought that they are thankful for YOU when they pay a bill and put gas in the cars! It's a great way to make your community a better place!

Another awesome thing is the options. Small businesses includes restaurants, spas, studios, community artist, cleaning services, custom dolls, T-shirts, etc. I like that I can think outside the box when gift-giving while helping someone else in the holiday season. If you know me, I want to give practical and useful gifts! (Yes I am that person!!) For example, I can give a loved one who is stressed and can’t catch up on housework the gift of a clean home by purchasing a clean from a local cleaning service. I can order a cake from a local bakery for a holiday party. These purchases allow me to give meaningful, thoughtful and helpful gifts to the people I love so much while helping the supplier provide for their families too!

As a small business owner, the thing I love the very most is being able to provide my kids with access to their dreams. I can pay for my daughters' new pointe shoes. I can afford the oboe. I can pay for running shoes and cleats for soccer. Without my business, we wouldn’t be able to provide theses “extras” to them. I appreciate so much that I don’t have to ask them to sacrifice their dreams because I have an awesome community that supports me!

In closing, I hope EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU supports your local small businesses tomorrow!!!

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