Summer 2019 Coming to an End…

Happy Tuesday!! It another wonderful summer week… And that’s all the cheerfulness I have because I am a tired Momma! It was a good couple of weeks, just a bit draining. Ethics class is kicking my booty, we got a new pet, went to Atlanta Comic-Con and some July Birthday parties!!! Oh, and Sissy had pre- and full band camp!

So… I have been struggling with Ethics and was EXTREMELY stressed! Stressed to the point that I have physically sat and cried and kept a headache for over a week because I am having such a hard time! I have managed to keep an A in the class, but I am not retaining anything! Luckily this is the last week, and I only have two more assignments left. The final paper may kill me, but either way, it will be done next Monday, and I’ll be moving on to Human Resources Management class! Hopefully, my credits from when I was in school a decade ago will finally transfer too so I can get a real idea on when I will finish school.

We had the opportunity to go to Atlanta Comic Con!! It is no secret that we tend to be a bit nerdy. The best Dad in the world decided to girls to Comic-Con, and they were soooo excited. Lee decided to cosplay as Deku, from my Hero Academia. La didn’t cosplay, but she did use her D.I.Y. skills to make a shirt. She printed a picture on regular paper. Then she used plan plastic wrap and covered the paper. Then she used our heat press to apply the picture to the shirt! Not a permeant T-shirt but it was cool! There was a lot of celebrities we were excited to see, but we were most excited about Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter Movies). La loves the Harry Potter series, and everyone always calls her Ginny Weasley or Weasley, so this was very special to her. While standing for La, David Henrie (Justin from Wizards of Waverly) walked by, and Steve said hi, David turned, waved and said hi. The girls were in such shock that they were almost completely frozen until he was entirely out of sight. I think this was my favorite moment of the whole day! They loved watching Wizards of Waverly Place so even if it is only a funny story with questionable photographic evidence it will always be a great story to share, “that one-time David Henrie said hi to them.” These two moments were definitely the highlights from the day for me. It was cool looking at all the vendor's booths and meeting some artist, and we had a lot of fun, but I am glad we only did a one-day thing and not the whole weekend.

Every year we get season passes to Lake Lanier Islands (now named Margaretville on Lake Lanier). This year they offered a deal that if you activate your season passes on this particular weekend (early in May), you received a pass to bring a friend during the summer. The older three invited friends from school and Lou brought her best friend, Nana! I am not going to lie, I was very nervous about my grandmother, and I am taking four teens and two pre-teens and a toddler to the waterpark, but it was such a good day! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids to spend the weekend! They were all well behaved, respectful, and treated each other so well. We spent a few hours there, where most of the girls did the water slides. They were all hungry after that, so we had a picnic lunch (Big THANK YOU to Nana for bringing the best snacks ever!) After lunch we did the Wavepool, the Wibit and played in the lake. After everyone was hungry, we loaded up and had dinner together at Arby’s! A few friends spent the night, so in the morning we made homemade French toast! This may not sound like the best weekend, but it was a dream weekend!

The end of July had a few birthday Celebrations: our neighbors’ son, Z’s 18th birthday/ leaving for National Guard Basic training party, Nana’s birthday Celebrations and the best Daddy in the world’s birthday! First was Z’s party! He had a pool party, and his mom did such a good job decorating and a hosting! We had such a good time... Lou learned to shot people with the water shooter! It was great!! Next was Nana’s birthday Celebrations. We counted Lake Lanier Island as part of her birthday because we usually go to a different waterpark with her for her birthday. The Friday before her birthday we went to the DQ to have lunch with her and her friends from work, and later in the weekend, 2 of my cousins and I (plus our kids) went to her house for dinner. One cooked, one brought cupcakes, kids played, and I multitasked by doing homework and socializing. Of course, the evening ended with a cupcake fight, as always! It was so tons of fun and excellent quality family time! Last but in no way the least, the best Daddy in the World had his birthday!! He never wants to celebrate at all, but we always do something! This year the girls and I made him a picture collage of some of the local adventures we have gone on. We made him his favorite dinner: beans and cornbread. He doesn’t really like cake, so we got him his favorite treat, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Lou demanded that he had to have candles!

Sissy has had pre-band camps throughout the summer. She went for a few hours three days a week; one week was percussion pre-camp, and the other was freshmen pre-camp where the freshmen met with their section leaders to get familiar with the music as well as get fitted for their uniforms. Last week she had the official band camp. She has been excitedly waiting for camp since auditions last May to be when she found out she would be playing the bass drum. Band camp was 8 am to 9 pm Monday thru Friday. She would march down to the practice field and learn the drill for 4 hours and then have lunch. After lunch, they would have sectionals, and then they would come together as a band and play in the gym. Then they would have dinner and then go outside for some more drill work until it was time to go home. While this sounds very busy, she did have a lot of fun with some of the activity’s including miss band camp. Miss band camp is when a few guys from each section dress in drag and while three judges decided who miss band camp 2019 would be. One of her friends participated, but the winners were both upperclassmen. She had so much fun helping her friends get ready. Friday evening was the Family night where they performed all that they learned at camp that week. The whole band did so well, they even learned all their music. I can’t wait to see the finished performance in a few weeks.

On to the new addition. First, let me start by giving you all a little back story. Lee has always loved lizards, snakes, spiders- all the creepy crawlies! She even saves spiders or bugs that get in the house by catching and releasing them back outside. We have friends that takes-in and rehomes pets, mostly snakes and reptiles because they are often hard to find new homes for them. Lee loves going to their house and playing with their lizards, geckos, and snakes. The other day they got almost grown, a really calm ball python, and they instantly thought of her! We decided that she could have him! She is over the moon, excited! A lot of people have made comments “like no way I’d let a snake in my house” or “its creepy” etc. Which everyone has a right to their opinion, but what I am not ok with is making a kid feel like there is something wrong with loving something that others don’t! You don’t have to like snakes- I don’t they scare the pee-waddle out of me, but I love Lee more than my fear of snakes, and I want her to be able to be who she is fully, love what she loves and know that her family will always accept her and love her no matter what! It makes me so sad that her feelings get hurt over something so silly as liking snakes! The worst part about is its adults that are hurting her feelings- her friends don’t like snakes either, but they also love her and told her they didn’t want to hold Titan, but he was pretty cool! Wish more adults could love and support each other like that!

Now that summer is officially coming to an end; we will start getting ready for this crazy school year. I will work on another update the weekend after school has begun. Be watching for it then! As always, thanks for being part of our crazy! Until next time…

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