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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again: Thanksgiving! A time to spend time with loved ones and feast! A time to remember all the blessings you have and show gratitude! I’m going to be honest though… thanksgiving hasn’t always been my favorite. I mean like to eat, but everyone getting together and rushing to see both sides of the family to spare feelings and feeding kids in nice clothes!! It was so stressful and instead of feeling thankful I was left feeling exhausted and wondering what the point of thanksgiving was anyways! A few years ago, my kids went out of town and my husband and had a “staycation,” missing all the family festivities and it was life changing for me! We went to the Waffle House with friends; I laughed and smiled and truly enjoyed myself. I realized that my thanksgiving didn’t have to look like the commercials. I come from a very big family so this didn’t go over well at first, but it’s the one holiday I claimed because I realized we were allowed to celebrate the holiday our way. We still spend thanksgiving at Waffle House with friends. It’s not all ways the same group of people but, it’s always a great day!

Another thing I try to do during this season is have a grateful attitude, which isn’t naturally something I’m good at. For example, as a Momma during the holiday season, I find myself saying “I have to” constantly! I have to wash the dishes; I have to do the laundry; I have to help with homework; I have to write the blog; I have to photograph items.” The list is never ending! I’ve really tried to change my wording and thinking to be more thankful. It’s amazing how much it effects your mood and motivation when you say “I get to,” instead of “I have to!” I get to work on my business today in my pajamas; I get to help my daughters with their homework so they can change the world one day; I get to share my feelings and opinions with people through my blog.” It’s so much easier to self-motivate when you remind yourself it’s a privilege not a burden. My to-do list didn’t change, just my perspective! This has led to so much productivity during a week that is usually crazy and chaotic.

I want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving that brings you nothing but laughter and happiness with the people that make you feel loved!

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