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Trip to see the Fish

A few weeks back, we took a trip to the Georgia Aquarium with Emmie’s best friend and his family. The aquarium has some cool animals there. One of the first things we see was some tiny jellyfish! There was also a tunnel with a slow-moving path that went under the tank, with fishes swimming above you.

Then we went off to visit their new shark exhibit: SHARKS! Predators of the Deep. This exhibit is home to some really cool sharks, like the Great Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Shark, Silvertip Shark, and the Tiger Shark! Momma really loved the hammerhead sharks!

There was a cool thermal camera which we have fun with, and a dark room that made specific colors glow (like a black light). Also, we saw some awesome crabs that look like they were dancing.

A little later, we saw the bulge whale, which was so cool to watch swimming around the tank. We even saw the Sea Lion Show: Truist Pier 225! There were three trained sea lions, and they all were all rescued seals! Though we couldn’t take pictures of the show, there was a photo station outside, so we all took pictures with it.

We really had the best time! So glad Mrs. J invited us to come with them. Can't wait to share more of our adventures with you soon! Thanks for being part of our CrAzY! Until next time...


We made a vlog to show you even more of the cool things we saw!

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