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Working Wednesday: Earrings

Here is the Working Wednesday blog, late again! This week will be short and sweet. We will be talking about earrings! The earrings we make are all really simple. My mother also makes some jewelry for us her jewelry is a little more complex than ours, but I will only be describing the very simple process of our earrings.


2 Matching charms

Jump rings

Earring Fish Hooks

Needle-Nose Pilers

You simply use the needle-nose pilers to open the jump hook. You add Earring hook and a charm to each. Occasionally you need to mirror the charms so that they hang correctly when on the ear, to check this you simply hold them up to see. Once it looks correct you just close the jump ring and you are all done. With this type of earrings, you can add a earring back, but it is not necessary.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Working Wednesday blog! Also hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July Holiday! In honor of this week’s blog and the holiday all our earrings will be 40% off! The Sale starts today, July 3, 2019, 2019, and will continue through July 10, 2019. Hope you go and check them out!

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