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Working Wednesday: Paper Collection

Happy Wednesday! This Working Wednesday blog is about our paper collection. The paper Collection includes all our jewelry that has decorative paper, punch outs, and scrapbooking supplies. Making these necklaces was an excellent way for us to use up scraps and not be wasteful! Plus, it let the girls play with the paper punch. I think a lot of these turned out pretty cool!


Paper (card stock or scrapbook paper)

Paper punches (with different designs)


Resin (mixed when needed)

Disposable measuring cup

Mixing stick

Heat Gun

We have been wanting to make some jewelry with the crafting supplies that we had sitting around from other projects or just that we haven’t got to really use. We have had this stuff for a while, and we decided to put it to good use. The first thing that we did was gather all the supplies. The paper we used was mostly cardstock and scrapbooking paper. We punched lots of different designs. I mixed the resin together. The resin comes in two parts: a resin and a hardener. You mix it at a 1:1 ratio measured by volume, meaning it requires equal amounts of both resin and hardener. Mixing the resin and hardener together creates a chemical reaction, transforming them from a liquid into a solid. Then I poured a little resin into each mold. I added the paper cutout into the resin in the mold. Then I filled the mold over the paper cutouts. I used the heat gun to draw some of the bubbles out. These will need to dry for at least 24 hours. Then you pop them out of the molds and sand the rough edges. Lastly, I attached I a jump ring to work as the hook the pendant and then attach another ring to attach the pendant to a necklace. Something else I feel I need to point out is that we did not seal any of this paper, so some of the paper cutouts became almost transparent in this process.

Today the Love 2 Learn Sale starts! Lee has been hard at work, applying 75% discounts to everything! Hope y'all take some time to check our Website and this awesome sale! The Sale starts today, July 24, 2019, and will continue through August 2, 2019. We will also be doing a Love 2 Learn Giveaways that start tomorrow (July 25)! There are two different giveaways: Facebook and Instagram. To enter, all you need to do is like, share, comment/ tag to participate! (Sounds like a lot but really only takes a few minutes!) And… if you become a member (or are already a member) on the Six Five Four Creations Site you will get enter again to win this Lucky clover Necklace. The Giveaway will happen on August 1st at 9:00 PM Eastern time.

Until Next week…

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