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Working Wednesday: Photoshoot

I wanted to share with y’all a project that is not exactly a Six Five Four Creations Working Wednesday project. As I have shared before, I have a photography business “Seam Photography,” but I have downsized it a LOT in the last year with college, running this business and being a mom- you know life!! I genuinely LOVE photography, though, and all that goes with it. I spend my spare time playing in photoshop (I still have a small group of current clients that I love to pieces and enjoy working with soooo much)! I plan one trying to get into more specific “niches" of photography in the future- Which leads us to this photoshoot that I am sharing today…

Preparing for the session:

Leading up to this shoot, I had not touched my camera in over three months! Our schedule had just not allowed it! La had done the wedding, so I was consistently editing, or catching up on our personal photos that I had neglected. Over Thanksgiving break, I came across this picture of three young ladies (women- not kids) in dark makeup posed in a way to express “speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil.” I like the photo, and instantly knew I wanted to recreate it with my older girls. While planning to recreate this, we morphed the idea into two different concepts for the same session. We still wanted to do the “speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil,” but the picture also made us think of the three fates in mythology.

We had planned to do the shoot after Christmas, and then I found out one of Sissy’s friends was coming to visit, so we waited to do the shot with her, and we got to embellish the concept even more! By the time we were about to take the pictures, I was almost giddy with excitement. Once she got here, and we visited a bit, we started getting ready.

Back up just a little bit… I realized I was going to be responsible for makeup on the girls- and panicked because I know how to do one basic look. So I contacted the fantastic Savanna Jade to help me out! She does the makeup for my Seam photography glam and boudoir sessions, the makeup for my thirty-third birthday session, and did Sissy’s amazing Cowardly Lion Makeup for ballet back in May! I did not have this realization in time to have her come save me, but she was the sweetest, best-est person ever!!! She typed out step by step instructions AND sent me a picture guide for me to look at as I did it! I do have to admit I was pretty proud of myself! (My “test” was on Sissy for her 15th birthday pictures!)

So yes, I did their makeup. Everyone put on plain back shirts. They all styled their hair as they usually would. Once we were all ready, we headed outside. The weather was overcast, and it definitely looked like it was going to rain (which it did right after we were done!!) My next-door neighbor was burning some leaves (I assume- I just saw smoke) which added a cool fog feel to the air. So I poised them in front of his smoke!! We also added red paint to their hands to have the same “look” as the initially inspiring picture.

We did the “speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil, do no evil” pictures first. I did a group picture with all the girls, individuals of each girl, and a few of just my three daughters to really recreate the original image.

Next, we did some “dramatic” group photos of them. We did two poses here.

The first was them just grouped together in a “hug.”

The second was them laying down heads together, and I took the pictures from above. I also used photoshop to create one of just my three (I wasnt sure our friend would want me to share the pictures... so glad she was on board afterwards though!)

We did one more with our Friend- I had them place their hands together in a circle (Evil hands):

Lastly, our friend and I posed the girls as the fates with tried a few different techniques with these: We wrapped white yarn in the tree to represent the string of life. For some, I held the tulle in front of the camera lens as she took pictures. Others we wrapped the tulle around them while she helped pose them.

I edited each group of pictures in a dark contrasted manner to fit the mood of this session. I was thrilled with how the individual images of each girl turned out, so I created a poster with them all together!

(I even ordered an actual poster of this- that was delivered while I was writing this! )

Here is a few behind the scenes photos where Lou joined in on the fun!

I hope that you all enjoyed all these as much as we do! It was such a fun day, and we are soooo proud of how they turned out. We have even been thinking about another session similar to this one in the near future! Let us know what you think!! I will be adding a few of these images to the digital art page on of Six Five Four Creations website!

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As Always, Thanks for being part of our crazy! Until next time...

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