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Working Wednesday with Lee: Wig Stand (Head)

Happy Wednesday!! Thanks for checking out this week’s “Working Wednesday blog”! This week Lee is in charge!! Right now, she is in love with cosplaying and wigs so for her blog. She made a Wig Stand Head with a Christmas twist! She is going to write the blog, and I will add commentary in (parenthesis and pink!)


  • Christmas wrapping paper (or comic book … we used Ninja Turtle comic style Christmas paper)

  • Wig Stand (the head)

  • mod pudge

  • scissors

  • Resin (I did this step for her)

  • Parchment paper (used one sheet for all the stages of this project)


The first thing you do is get out all your supplies together.

Then you cut your wrapping paper into tiny papers (squares- this is why comic style works best).

Then you mod pudge the head, then you add the paper (cover the head in mod podge mod and cover the face wig stand with the paper squares). Let dry. You add another layer of mod podge to make it stay in place. You do this repeatedly until the head is fully covered. (I think she ended up doing this step three times before it was completely covered).

I put another layer of mod podge over it to be safe. Then my mother put a layer of resin over it to finish it off. (I mixed the resin. The resin comes in two parts: a resin and a hardener. You mix it at a 1:1 ratio measured by volume, and I did one tablespoon of each. I used a foam paintbrush to even it out over the head. I made sure it was on a piece of parchment paper just in case it happened to drip, but ours did not)!

That is how I made a Christmas designed wig stand.

We hope you all enjoyed this addition of our Working Wednesday Blog! If you are interested in owning a wig head just like this one send us a message (through the website, an email to or through Facebook messenger) and lee will get with you about making you one! (would cost $10 +shipping) Next week Sissy will be in charge of the Working Wednesday blog (if you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan you will definitely want to check it out!!) Hopefully I will also be posting Lou's birthday blog!

As always, thanks for being part of our crazy! Until Next time....

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