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Working Wednesday with Lou

This week has been full of school work, band practices so I just haven’t had time to work on the weekly or Working Wednesday blogs, so I thought we’d do something a little different. Lou has always loved to play kitchen. So, we decided that we would start making things with her in the kitchen. We thought that this would be a good chance to work with her on following directions, counting and doing things to make others happy. We quickly realized that this was too cute not to share! For this blog, Lou will be providing the directions from pictures we took while she was helping cook. Lou is the narrator, and I (Momma) will be adding details inside the parentheses.

This time Lou made Fruity Rice Crispy Treats:


Butter with no paper (whole stick)

Marshmallows out of the bag (2 bags)

Rainbow cereal (2 cups)

Rice cereal (6-8 cups)

cooking spray

*Also need big pan and a Melter (Microwave)

First, I putted Marshmallows in the Bowl (with butter too). Then I put them in the Melter (microwave) until they melted. Then I poured the rainbow, colorful cereal in the bowl like you are making breakfast, the yellow one is my favorite. I mixed it with a big spoon (as she was mixing I poured regular rice crispy cereal in. I may have also helped stir some when it got too hard for Lou) then I rubbed butter alllllll-over my hands and smooshed it down. I licked the spoon too! (We ate them for snacks the rest of the week!) They tasted “Balicious”

I hope y’all enjoyed being part of our crazy. As always, we will have a weekly sale, and Lou thinks all of it (the jewelry) should be 25% off for the week. The Jewelry Sale will start today, July 17, 2019 and go until July 24, 2019. We may have a little something up our sleeves for getting back to school.

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