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Working Wednesday with Momma and Lou: Making Strawberry Bunt Cake

I promise we are going to make some jewelry soon, but I haven’t had four full hours to work on anything other than schoolwork, but hopefully over fall break we will get to create something to share. Please have patience with me.

As part of Lou’s homeschool curriculum, we cook or bake something every week. Last week we made Nanny’s strawberry icing for her birthday cake…. And I had a lot of leftover strawberry mix from the failed first attempt. I can never see strawberries and not miss my Granny Sara and her strawberry bunt cake. Lou wanting to make strawberry icing and have the extras strawberry mix must have been fate because it lined up perfectly for us to make a version this cake for the anniversary of when my granny went to live in heaven. We always try to do something to remind all of us about her on that day.

*Disclaimer I did not use her recipe, and I have never made a bunt cake before!! This cake is similar to hers but is in no way her cake!!!! Also, because I planned (and have) eaten it needed to be gluten-free!

Organic Gluten-free Yellow Cake Mix:

· 1 bag of cake baking mix

· 4 large eggs

· 1 cup of vegetable oil

Strawberry mix:

· 1 cup of salted butter softened

· 1 tsp of Vanilla

· 4 cups of powdered sugar

· 1.5 pounds of strawberries cut and stewed; mixed with the other ingredients while still warm.

We used a gluten-free cake mix and added a heaping spoonful on the strawberry mix into it. I then baked it according the box. Well… I cooked it longer than the box said because it was not fully cooked when the timer went off, so I gave it five more minutes… then five more minutes… and then I might have gotten distracted so I not sure how long I actually cooked it… and I may have even cooked it longer than I should, and it might have been a little browner than I would have preferred, but it was okay. After it cooled, we pour the rest of strawberry mixture on top.

It was nowhere near as good as my Granny’s strawberry bunt cake, but I loved getting to make it with Lou and talking about Granny Sara and keep her love going strong for all my girls!

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