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Working Wednesday: Wonder of Oz

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

As I shared last week in the blog, my oldest daughter was part of a ballet recital, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” We wanted to do something to make all the main cast and the head teachers a gift of appreciation for all their hard work this dance season. We made nine personalize necklaces all themed for the show: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, the Cowardly Lion, the Wicked Witch, Glenda the Good Witch, Oz, a Rainbow, and a Yellow Brick Road.

All nine were bottle necklaces, and for most of them, we filled with glitter to match the character. Before putting the glitter in, we used a paint brush and covered the inside of the bottles with Mod Podge. I then placed all of seven of these on to the A/C vent in my kitchen floor. The air blows up into them helping the mod podge dry quicker. Next, I attached hooks through the cork lids. The post to the hooks was very long, so they had to be cut to be flush with the bottom of the cork lid. I mixed resin to seal the lids and hook onto the jars. After all, were dried, I added silver charms to match the characters or themes of the jars.

For Dorothy, we added red (ruby) glitter. We then added a slipper charm. They looked like ballet slippers, which we felt was fitting since it was a ballet part. We also thought it was cool that the slippers were silver. In the book, the slippers were silver but were changed to ruby for the big screen.

For the scarecrow, we added a mixture of the fine yellow and the gold glitter. We then attached a scarecrow charm and small ear of corn. We added the corn because he was in a cornfield in the movie.

We added gold glitter for the Lion. We attached a lion charm. After photographing it, I found a charm that said “courage” that I also attached but didn’t get a picture of it.

For the Wicked Witch, we added dark green (emerald) glitter, and I also added a little black sand for a hint of black behind, it was not very noticeable though. We added a cute little witch and a broomstick charm to the top of this necklace.

We added fine pink glitter for Glenda the Good Witch. We attached a star wand charm.

We added dark green (emerald) glitter to the bottle for the Oz. We then added an O charm and a Z charm.

For the rainbow jar I had to add mod podge to a small portion then add the color glitter needed, let that dry then do the next layer. This jar took a week to complete. After it dried, we added a silver rainbow charm.

We used fine yellow glitter for the yellow brick jar. We then attached an arrow to it to symbolize follow the yellow brick road. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph this necklace. When I did the others, this one wasn’t all the way dry, and I got excited, wrapping them and completely forgot to go back and do it.

Lastly, Tinman. I went about this jar completely different than the rest. First, I added mod podge at the bottom of the jar. I put silver glitter with just a little red glitter behind the silver. I then added a little bit of mod podge and shook the jar to let the loss glitter from the bottom attach to the top. I didn’t have control of where the glitter attached at the top but was pleased with the final effect. I used the Cricut to cut two tiny heart out, mirroring each other. I didn’t cut the hook post, so I attached the two heart to each other around the post. Used a paintbrush to cover the hearts and let it dry. I then added the lid to the jar and attached a tinman charm to the jar. I must admit this necklace is probably my favorite from this project.

We had so much fun making these necklaces that we created lots of other jewelry in the theme of Oz. So even though these particular necklaces aren’t available, you could get your own Oz jewelry. Also, for the Next week, our entire Oz Collection will be 50% off. The Sale starts today, June 26, 2019, and will continue through July 3rd, 2019. Hope you go and check it out!

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